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What is a Webhook?

Webhooks allows applications to send automated messages or information to other applications. For example, this is how PayPal tells your accounting app when your customers pays you, how Twilio routes calls to your number, and how WooCommerce notifies you of new orders in Slack.

Webhooks are automatic messages sent from applications when something happens. They contain a message or data that is sent to a unique URL, i.e. the phone number or address of the application. Webhooks speed up and reduce work.

Webhooks allow your websites to “talk” to each other and automatically get notified when something new happens. In many cases, however, you need to know how to use webhooks when you want to transfer data automatically from one application to another.

Simple examples of Webhooks:

  • If you forget to check your calendar in the morning, you will automatically receive an email about your first appointment

  • Automatically upload Instagram photos to Twitter accounts.

  • Receive a notification that the payment has been made and processed.

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