About us

Completely domestic

Atte Salminen, the founder and developer of Zoiner, is an entrepreneur from Hattula, a father and a passionate sportsman. He wants to support other entrepreneurs in increasing trading, especially during challenging times.

Zoiner was started in 2019. The idea was an app from which customers, regardless of age, could easily and quickly book an exercise class that suits them, close to them, and pay for it right away. Then a worldwide pandemic broke out and all group exercises were canceled. Entrepreneurs in various industries began advertising gift cards, “Support your local,” to keep the cash flow moving. How could my new application be utilized in this situation and help businesses stay afloat, Atte pondered. Today, Zoiner is the easiest and most versatile way to sell products, services and events on the market.

Tools for Zoiner are being developed all the time. With the help of locking solutions and sales and rental machines, Zoiner´s service has expanded into a versatile technology company. Atte is grateful for the great team he has gotten to join the adventure of the Zoiner.

Zoiner – moving forward together!

Feel free to contact us and we will think about how Zoiner can serve your company or association and gain momentum in your online sales.