Balance cards

helppo lahjakorttikauppa

Balance card shop

Payment link enables an easy gift card shop. Payment linki allows you to sell both traditional gift cards and digital balance cards.

Gift card sales are fast and effortless. A digital balance card enables, for example, the so-called 10-card. The customer can load the desired amount onto the card. When a customer buys a product or reserves a place for e.g. a yoga class, the price of the yoga class is reduced from the credit card. A balance card enables the customer to attend e.g. classes with different prices with one card.


  • It´s possible to sell a digital and unique balance card -> printed serial cards are no longer needed, e.g. 10 -cards.

  • The digital balance card is easy for the customer: upon registration, the customer uses a four-digit code, the transaction amount is automatically deducted from the balance card

  • The balance card enables the administration of a monthly priced membership

  • The balance card can be reloaded onto a valid card

  • The balance card is sent electronically to the customer after payment, the service creates it automatically


  • Payment link makes it convenient to sell traditional printed gift cards as well as electronic ones

  • In the easiest way, the receipt works as a gift card

  • For example, a pdf can be sent to the customer or it can be attached to the receipt as a file

  • A gift card is a so-called traditional value cards delivered to the customer, for example a massage gift card purchased for a certain value

  • The gift card can be mailed or sent by e-mail to the customer. The service does not create it automatically. The pdf or paper gift card must be made you yourself.

Kehome's balance card

This is what our customer’s Kehome balance card looks like. With the balance card, customers can pay for and book exercise classes at different prices at Kehome Wellness Center. The customer can top up the desired amount on the balance card.

MyClips lahjakortti

This is what our customer’s MyClips electronic gift card looks like. Different values ​​can be assigned to the gift card.