If the product type is an event and it has been paid for with a digital value card, ie a balance card

=> The balance is automatically returned to the balance card when the transaction is canceled.

Refunds will be sent through Paytrail if the product has been paid for with one of Paytrail’s payment methods. The merchant should take a report from Paytrail and the accountant will use it to record the returns. A refund from the Paytrail Merchant Panel is made by searching for the correct payment transaction and when you click on it, a view will open where you can enter the amount to be refunded. You can enter either part of the amount or the whole amount. In most cases, the money is returned directly, but some banks require you to provide an account number via email. So this is handled by Paytrail itself, which means that the merchant does not have to do anything.

B2B Walley returns will be refunded from Paytrail’s merchant panel.

Important Note: Paytrail “account” must have money in order for a refund to be made. Often a customer’s purchases have already been credited to the merchant, so if the balance is 0, then Paytrail has a point where you can add the balance there.