The service provider’s brokerage fee is 2.5-5% of the value-added transaction amount of the product or service sold by the customer in the Liikuttajat service, depending on the agreement. The brokerage commission is automatically deducted from the transaction amount of the product or service in connection with the payment transaction. For example, if you sell a € 100 product, Liikuttajat will charge a commission of € 2.5 for this transaction.

In addition to the brokerage fee, Paytrail Oyj automatically charges a transaction fee for each payment transaction. Paytrail’s transaction fee is EUR 0.55 (VAT 0%) / payment transaction for online banking and credit card payments and EUR 0.65 (VAT 0%) for mobile payments (MobilePay and Pivo). Paytrail charges an additional 2% commission / payment on credit card and mobile payments. Other payment methods will be charged in accordance with Paytrail Oyj’s valid price list. The service provider is not responsible for Paytrail Oyj’s pricing or any pricing changes.